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With long work days, sleepless nights, on-the-go schedules & constant hustles, wellness breaks have seemed to become a luxury commodity and chronic stress has become the norm.

Let’s change that together

What is the wellness space?

We focus on providing quick and unique services to promote wellness and relaxation.


We keep our services express because they pack powerful benefits (increased mood) and allow us to serve many people. Each service is approx. 5 mins/service with the possibility of bundling other services for enhanced relaxation experience.

Our signature hand massage service is the epitome of relaxation, not to mention a real crowd pleaser. It’s the treat you didn’t know you needed, but you’ll be glad you got!

For your hands we provide a 2 step process of hand scrub, followed by hand lotion. All products are all natural and scented with essential oils for your benefit. This is a must try for relaxation and the scents are so exquisite you will not regret taking 5 mins for yourself.

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To touch is to give life


Chill out in our relaxation lounge. Equipped with a diffuser, tea, music plus more, just 5 mins can change your whole mood. Close your eyes, pay attention to your breath, refocus your mind and be present in the here and now.

This lounge allows you to quiet your mind, exhale stress and inhale peace.

Warm Touch Calms Stress

Ready for your next experience?

goodbye Stress!

This Unique idea is great for, social gatherings, events, charities, in home parties. weddings, baby showers, bridal showers, corporate wellness days, churches, boat parties, clubs, & bachelor parties.

how it works

1 Hand Massage Station| 2 hour minimum| 1-30 ppl approx.|


2 Hand Massage Stations| 3 hour minimum| 60+ ppl approx.

Both Hand Massage Stations include the following:

  • 2 step hand massage process (scrub and lotion)
  • Wellness tip
  • Product education


Full Experience| Relaxation Lounge| *Can be added to either station

  • Curated Music Playlists (individual headphones)
  • Wellness Tea/drink bar (choose from different teas or infused water)
  • Wellness Quiz
  • Diffuser with special blend essential oils
  • *electronic massage tools (for neck/shoulder)

Message us today for a quote, we can also customize packages according to your event needs. Set up is quick and doesn’t take a lot of space depending on the package chosen.

Relaxation is the new necessary & Inner peace is the new success

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